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LWVCC encourages active and informed participation in government. We are a nonpartisan nonprofit organization aiming to support voters and influence public policy.
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Elections Have Consequences

I can’t think of a more important reason to vote than to elect people who will represent me and the values I profess.  There can be no complaining if I do not vote and help those with similar values get into office. It is my obligation to identify these candidates before I cast my ballot.    Judi Palay

Its Your Money

I vote because the environment drew us to Florida, yet it is not well cared for by those in power who are mostly from the real estate development arena. Excessive development threatens our native wildlife and our coast. Priority needs to be given to eliminating septic systems and protecting open space and managing our future water resources.

I vote because Florida’s teachers are among the lowest paid in the country and yet have the important job of educating our children. Our workforce is being priced out of the home ownership in the community and yet very little is done to create affordable housing.

I vote to protect women from decisions made without regard to a women’s rights.

I vote because I can and I know that many people in the United States and all over the world do not have that ability.

Denise McLaughlin

You Community Counts on You

I vote because I want good government at my local, state and federal level, and good government depends on electing people who conduct themselves with integrity, vision, honesty and a strong sense of fairness and duty.

Laura Hansen Reynolds

I vote because I care about my Country.
I vote because it is my duty as a citizen.
I vote because I care about my rights as a woman.
I vote because I care about the safety of children in school and want to see sensible gun legislation passed.
I vote because I believe in the inherent dignity and worth of all Americans and want to elect candidates that respect all people's rights.
I vote to use my voice to affect change.
I vote because it is the best way to influence our legislatures.
I vote because I want people to represent me who have integrity and who care about creating a more equitable country for all. 
I vote because it is my right.
I vote because I believe in Democracy and the will of the people.
I vote to see a brighter future for my children and grandchildren.
I always vote.... so should you.

Joanne Huskey

Opportunity for Change

I vote because my parents took me to vote with them and I got to pull the lever that closed the curtain.
I vote because I took my children to pull the big lever so they would know it was important.
I vote because I was a member of a local school board in New Jersey and our budget passed by just one vote! Fortunately, my husband voted or else I would have been mad at him!
I vote because moving to Florida from the northeast was very disorienting since counties have most power and the state legislature keep taking power away from localities. I moved from a community that banned plastic bags and yet in Florida I found that the legislature would not let communities make that choice.

Denise McLaughlin

Let Your Voice Be Heard


Here’s what I think about voting!

There are many places in the world where citizens do not have a legitimate say in how they are governed.  We are so lucky to live in a country where our vote counts. And many of us feel that that vote is being challenged, even in America!  So voting is critical!

We should vote because we care about how our city, county, state and country are run.  By not voting, citizens abdicate and will lose the right to complain….and you know how we love to complain!  So do it!

I recently finished a wonderful book called “Leaving Coyes Hill”, the story of Lucy Stone, an early abolitionist and women’s right advocate (strongly recommend this book)..  She worked tirelessly for these causes in a time when women and blacks had few, if any rights.  Let’s not make her work, and the work of so many after her, go to waste but failing to participate!  We might not like what happens to those rights if we don’t!

Stacy Vermylen

Strengthen Democracy

Voting is the cornerstone of our representative democracy.  Voting is our voice, our power.  It allows us to peacefully participate in our government.  Before we vote, we re-examine who we are and who we strive to become.  We think about American ideals such as liberty, equality, and opportunity; and core values such as empathy, respect, and honesty.  

We elect representatives who share our vision of the American dream.  Who we elect affects nearly all aspects of our lives – our communities, schools, healthcare, legal system, economy, technology, and much more.  Our vote affects the air we breathe and the water we drink. 

From history, we know that democracy is fragile. It can never be taken for granted; it is weakened by complacency and misinformation.  We must protect democracy from those who place their own interests above the “common good.”  Support democracy and vote in the November 8, 2022 General Election.

Libbie Bramson